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How To Build Self Belief

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I'm going to talk about a non-traditional strategy to build self belief.

No - not affirmations, not make up or new clothes, and definitely not a new relationship.

Your self belief can be way stronger than any fleeting emotion or moment in time.

Self belief can be something we gain and sustain for life.


In my experience, and what I've experienced with clients in Personal Training and Mindset Coaching, is self belief comes through accomplishing steps and tasks outside of your comfort zone.


Build yourself up through having small wins.

Take a small step towards a new goal, achieve it and feel accomplished, and in turn you've increased your belief (more is possible!)

Rome, or the Great Wall of China, were not built in one day!

Your dream goal, dream body or dream lifestyle will take years to earn too.

But, will taking one step at a time, every day or week of your life, get you there?

If the steps are intentionally planned and executed, I know you can get there.

HOT TIP: Celebrate the small wins! Acknowledge your success moments, no matter how small they may seem.

Start with what you can do

Some goals feel too big to even start! If you don't believe you can achieve a goal, you most likely will self sabotage (take procrastination for an example).

So start with what you believe you can do...

For example:

The BIG GOAL is: Start a business.

Though, you feel like you have no clue where to start, you mightn't have enough money and you're scared of what people may think of you. So you never start.

The GOAL YOU CAN ACHIEVE is: Ask a local business person to have coffee with you to find out how they started, or, listen to 3 podcast from successful business owners about how they started their business with no money.

Now, instead of never starting because the goal is too scary, you have taken one small step! You have a small win and have built more self belief towards the bigger goal of starting a business.

How could you apply this principle to your current life circumstances?

Could you apply this to a fitness, relationship or family goal?

How could you use the "small win" principle to build more self confidence?

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