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LIVE with purpose & FREEDOM.

Freedom with Nicole is about inspiring & empowering  people to create more freedom in their lives.
Physically, mentally and spiritually.


Unlock Your Mind, 
Free your potential

Mindset Journal by Nicole Carlile

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About Nicole

Nicole Carlile (Steffens) is a young Entrepreneur who opened her first gym when she was only 17. Then, by age 22 Nicole had opened and owned 4 gyms within a franchise.

At 24 years old, her purposed changed, she exited the other gyms and opened Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness, her own branded gym in Towoomba.

'Freedom with Nicole' (her personal brand) was created to inspire people to chase their dreams & create a life of freedom.

“We all have so much potential and only one short life, so why live your life half-empty. Why live your life only dreaming of what could be, instead, why not go out there and make your vision a reality”.


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Nicole is the Founder of Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness. A holistic, personalised and motivational boutique gym. 


"Unlock Your Mind, Free Your Potential" is a Mindset Journal containing over 100 mindset activities, journalling prompts, inspirational stories, quotes & mindful colouring-ins. 

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Be coached by Freedom Lifestyle & Fitness through the "Freedom Online" app and Challenge Options.