Freedom with Nicole is about inspiring & empowering  people to create freedom in all areas of their lives.

Let's live in Freedom.


Help People Become Free & Live in Freedom.


To help 10,000 people become truly free.


About Nicole

Nicole Steffens is a young Entrepreneur who opened her first gym when she was only 17. Now at age 23, Nicole owns 4 gyms to keep helping more people improve their life.  

Nicole began 'Freedom with Nicole' (her personal brand & podcast) to help and inspire people to chase their dreams, ignore worldly expectations & create a life of freedom.

Nicole decided to follow her heart and purpose at age 17, taking the risk to start her own business, ignoring the possibility of failure and ignoring the people who told her she couldn’t do it.

“We all have so much potential and only one short life, so why live your life only looking forwards to the weekends or holidays. Why live your life only dreaming of what could be, instead why don’t you go out there and make your dreams a reality”.


Nicole Steffens - Founder of Freedom with Nicole

Toowoomba & Brisbane, Australia 

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